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By 13/10/2020January 29th, 2021No Comments

I have been filling the post of BCC Co-llege Manager since 2009. My participa-tion as a member of the Executive Board means I am responsible for providing the information and resources needed so that the day to day activities of the BCC are possible, viable and sustainable over time.

As well as resourcing the college’s day to day activities, my membership of the Executive Board requirements has our team working with the Heads of the College’s Units making decisions focused on meeting the best interests of staff, students and patients.

This last year has been an ongoing exercise in adapting to many new challenges through the flexibility and commitment of the great community that is the BCC. As part of the BCC Team I have assisted in the development of all 11 BCC student cohorts and have enjoyed the satisfaction of seeing the 7 graduating cohorts.

I can’t wait to start this academic year, meeting new students and congratulating the 5th year students at year’s end when they become new graduates.

Marc Pastor
BCC Manager