We inspire and train chiropractic professionals

Through a principled approach, we give students the tools they need to become inspiring, high-level chiropractic professionals

We train highly skilled professionals in chiropractic

Since its inception in 2009, the Barcelona College of Chiropractic has worked relentlessly to train the best professionals in chiropractic, with an integrated and personalized approach, focused on the person being as a whole.

A unique chiropractic college

European Accreditation

Our college is accredited by the European Council on Chiropractic Education

Bilingual college

We are the first bilingual chiropractic college in the world


We teach the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic


Students in the last 10 years


Graduated professionals around the world


Professors with extensive experience in the field of chiropractic

Barcelona, an inspiring city

The capital of Catalonia is on the list of the 10 best cities in the world. It is known for its art and architecture, as well as being one of the most attractive destinations in the world for its Mediterranean culture.

Our students say

I can only recommend it. The philosophy of chiropractic is getting lost in many colleges but not in Barcelona. The students are all together and because it’s international, it’s like a big family. I love it!

SarahFourth year student

They keep chiropractic pure. If you’re passionate about chiropractic and you want to learn pure chiropractic, this is the only place in Europe to be

ZarakFourth year student

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