Frequently asked questions

About admission

1. I want to enroll in the program, what should I do?

You must first complete the web form, send us the certificates and we will coordinate an online or face-to-face interview to then give you an answer about your admission.

2. Until when do I have time to enroll?

If you have a conditional admission, you have time to enroll until 15/07/22.

If you have a direct admission, and you do not need to do the courses to complete your knowledge, you can enroll up to 15 days before starting the program.

  • If you need a residence visa (VISA), you should contemplate it as far in advance as possible due to delays in the process, you cannot start the academic year if you do not have your approved VISA.
    Remember that the sooner you finish the admission and enrollment process, you guarantee your place as a student at the BCC, places are limited.

3. What are the valid official Spanish certificates?

Certificates are:

  • SICELE ( level A2 of any partner institution. The Instituto Cervantes and its DELE exam are available in many countries and can be done in digital or online formats.
    If you cannot submit this document:
  • In all cases, you will be asked to sign an academic commitment as you will obtain the minimum level A2 requirement before starting the second year.
  • Unofficial A2 certificate (for example, obtained by an unaccredited school) you will be asked to take a Spanish exam to define if your level is sufficient or you need support.
  • Certificate A1, you will be conditionally admitted and you will be required to attend the Spanish summer course.

4. What are valid English certificates?

The official certificates accepted are:

  • TOEFL: 93-120 (computer-based test), 397-433 (paper based test) or 30-40 (internet based test).
  •  IELTS: minimum 3.0
  •  TOEIC: 255-400
  • University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations: Cambridge English Key (KET)
  • Other exams / certificates: could be accepted as long as the level can be accredited.

5. When should I take the Spanish or Basic Sciences Intensive Course?

When you have not taken science classes (biology or chemistry) in high school or when your last related study is more than 5 years old. In the case of Spanish it will be when you do not have any level, when you cannot prove it with a certificate or by taking the BCC exam.

6. What if I don't have a science background?

If you come from a secondary degree with another orientation that is not science, or if you come from another career related to letters, art, law or other do not worry, you can take the intensive summer course in basic sciences to level your knowledge in that area.

7. How do I prove that I have access to the university?

You must send a certificate that confirms that you have completed your secondary education and that you have access to the university in your country. For example: Selectividad (Spain), Baccalaureat (France), A-levels (UK), Abitur (Germany), Slutbetyg (Sweden), Maturitá (Italy), etc. Exceptionally and as long as it is valid in your country of origin, you can be admitted by presenting a vocational test that grants you access to the university.

8. How and when is the admission interview conducted?

The admission interview can be online or in person, depending on your place of residence and your availability. If it is online means, it is organized through a platform such as Skype or Zoom, or by phone. We will coordinate it according to your possibilities and at a time that suits you.

9. What does the interview consist of?

The interview is just a talk to get to know you better, to know what your motivations are to join the BCC and become a Chiropractor. You do not have to worry. You will speak with BCC Director Adrian Wenban about chiropractic and the BCC. It is also the opportunity for you to ask any questions or doubts you have before registering.

10. I am a foreign student and without a passport from the European Union, can I still study at the BCC?

Yes, you will only need to apply to the Spanish consulate or embassy in your country for a visa to residence as a student during the period of your studies. We will send you all the documents you need when you enroll.

11. I want to start the following year, can I still start the admission process now?

Yes, of course, the sooner you start your admission process the better. You can register and reserve your place with the anticipation that you want.

12. Can I enroll if I have completed another career related to art, language, law or another completely different training?

Yes, that’s why we have the basic science course, so that you can have a necessary content base to be at the level of the rest of your colleagues who have training in science.

13. I already received my admission document, what should I do now to finish my registration?

When you receive your admission document to reserve your place at the BCC you must send us the complete and signed the Registro de Matricula document. The place will be confirmed once you have made the enrolment fee payment.

14. Do you offer scholarships or discounts?

Unfortunately the BCC does not have scholarship or financing programs, but we have different flexible payment methods so you can choose the one that best suits your situation and even get a discount for full payments. In the case of discounts for special cases, you should carefully review the Policy Tuition Fee.

15. What are the available forms of payment?

  • You can pay the entire program at once and get an 8% discount paying € 51,290.00 (Includes registration)
  • You can pay the entire first year at once and get a 3% discount paying € 10,815.50 (Includes registration)
  • You can pay in 2 (two) semester installments € 4,735.00 + € 1,680.00 (registration)
  • You can pay in 9 (nine) monthly installments of € 1,052.22 + € 1,680.00 (registration) Read here the Tuition Fees document

16. What are the costs of the intensive courses?

The online summer course 2022 has a cost of € 575.00 for each course.

17. Where do I have to pay the registration fee to register?

The details of our account at Caixa Bank are as follows: 


About the programme, clases and diploma

18. How many years does the program last? Can I only do the Master?

The program has a duration of 5 (five) years of full dedication and upon completion a double degree is obtained. In no case can they be obtained separately.

19. When does the program start and when does it end?

The program generally begins in October 2021 and ends in June 2022 Due to the current situation these dates could be modified.

20. Can it be done remotely or part-time?

This is a full-time and face-to-face program, it cannot be done remotely or partially, since it must meet the minimum 80% class attendance.

21. What is the modality of the program's classes?

Almost all of the classes in the program are conducted in person, sometimes there may be some online content.

22. When does the summer course starts?

The summer course begins right before the programme, usually on end of August 2021 and lasts for 5 (five) weeks. Being a total of 50 hours.

23. What is the modality of the intensive course classes?

The intensive course has been enabled through digital content and the student will have synchronous sessions with the teacher and previous content to attend the teaching session. At the end, the knowledge of the course is evaluated according to the minimum requirements for admission.

24. What is the title I receive?

The private degree you receive is a Bachelor of Chiropractic and Master of Chiropractic.

25. In which countries can I work when I get my diploma?

The degrees obtained by the BCC are accredited by the European Council in Chiropractic Education (ECCE). This accreditation allows the graduate to work through automatic homologation in those countries with Chiropractic regulation as a profession. Conditions may vary between countries, especially in those where there is no specific regulation, it is recommended that you inform yourself about the situation of the profession in the country you decide to work. Currently, the BCC has more than 130 graduates working around the world.

26. Is the study program accredited?

Yes, the study program is accredited by the ECCE (European Council on Chiropractic Education). This accreditation allows BCC graduates to work in many regions and countries of the world.

27. Are the classes in English or Spanish? Are there classes in Catalan?

We are a bilingual school whose official languages are English and Spanish. During the first year you have simultaneous translation to adapt your levels of knowledge about languages. None of the classes are taught in any other language, although the BCC has students from more than 20 countries around the world.

About living in Barcelona

28. Does the BCC has a campus?

The BCC does not have a student residence, but we will be happy to help you and advise you on everything you need to choose a place to live. We have information about it and websites where you can find a place, as well as a private and exclusive space for BCC students to find roommates.

30. You have two campus, where it's better to stay near campus Balmes or Sarriá?

This is up to you, you may find it more comfortable to find a place near Sarrià. It is a traditional and quiet neighborhood of Barcelona, and most of the activities will be on this campus. But any other place in Barcelona that you like or that suits your possibilities can also be a good option, all are very well connected thanks to public transport.

If you are looking for a quiet and less touristy place, we do not recommend neighborhoods such as: Barceloneta, El Born, El Gótico, El Raval and surroundings.