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Experiencia alumni – Tere

By 22/01/2021enero 26th, 2021No Comments

Hi everyone! I’m Tere and I graduated in 2014. I’m from Barcelona and I practice in northern Germany with my husband (who also graduated in 2014).

I’d like to talk to you about intention. This is the most important thing that I learnt when I started practicing on my own. What do you want to achieve when you adjust somebody? Release a MSK “blockage”? Get rid of symptoms? Clear the NS from interference so that the body can heal itself?

In my case my intention is the last one. When I was learning to adjust, I focused mainly on technique. Now, whenever I adjust, what I have in mind is my intention. It is key that you know what you want to do with that adjustment. It’s what makes two adjustments that look similar, performed with the same technique, deliver different results. It’s what differenciates us from other health care professionals who “manipulate” the spine.

You’ll see this when you start to practice, that even if sometimes you don’t have a clue what to do (trust me, this happens) changes will happen because your intention is so clear.

Learn your anatomy and your technique. Learn it so well that you don’t have to think about it anymore (unconcious capable or “you don’t know that you know”) so when you are adjusting, you can focus on your intention.

Enjoy your time at BCC, you are in one of the best chiropractic schools of the world.


Tere (proud BCC graduate)