Bilingual College


  • The Barcelona College of Chiropractic is an international college.

  • The Barcelona College of Chiropractic has a model and system of language support in place aimed towards assisting and educating those students that are not native English or Spanish speakers. From the first year of the programme of study students are linguistically supported in a number of ways so that by the end of the 5 years they have a level of proficiency that allows them to work in either a predominantly English or Spanish speaking work environment.


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    During the first year, the school will provide a supportive language model to students in order to ensure their successful adaptation to the bilingual curriculum and the necessary skills in the exposure for science and patients.

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    During the first academic year, lectures are interpreted simultaneously into English and Spanish to enable all students to follow classes easily while improving their language level.

    The programme of study of the BCC is to have the students fluent in both languages. It is important for the last two years of the curriculum when the research project is delivered in English and student clinical experience in the BCC’s Chiropractic Centre is in touch with public, most of them are talking in Spanish.