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By 18/05/2021May 20th, 2021No Comments

The Barcelona College of Chiropractic (BCC) is happy to report that it has now received official notification that it has been successful in its application for re accreditation of its programme of study with the European Council of Chiropractic Education (ECCE). Specifically, the Council again awarded full accredited status to the programme, which involves 5 years of full-time study. The award is for 8 years, without conditions, which is the maximum period that can currently be awarded by the ECCE. Marc Pastor, BCC College Manager, said “the renewal of accreditation for this extended period reflects the clear and determined commitment to quality management in the institution and to the excellence of its programme of study”.

The ECCE Evaluation Team met with different BCC representatives via a series of Zoom calls from the 25th to the 27th of January this year. Because of travel restrictions the related site visit and interviews took place online. As is always the case the site visit was preceded by the College submitting and having approved a detailed Self Study Report. The BCC was evaluated on 37 different quality-related criteria using the following flag system–

Dark Green – Full Compliance,

Light Green – Substantial compliance,

Yellow – Partial compliance,

Red – Non-compliance.

The Evaluation Team’s written report related to the visit, which can be accessed in full at ECCE’s web site, details the BCC’s results –

19 Dark Green Flags

18 Light Green Flags

No Yellow Flags

No Red Flags

No Concerns

In addition, the College received the following commendations:

The strong, committed teaching and administrative staff, who have created a quality environment to enhance the student experience.

The enthusiastic, cohesive student body, who are ambassadors for the chiropractic profession.

The pioneering work to establish a bilingual chiropractic programme and the commitment from ll to continue to grow and develop quality education.

The integrated, patient-centred teaching across the curriculum, including instilling professional behaviours through robust Fitness to Practise procedures across the student body as a whole and into student clinic.

The quick and decisive actions taken to mitigate against the Covid pandemic to ensure that students’ teaching, learning, and assessment continued, and which ensured student progression.

Upon completion of the site visit the ECCE Evaluation Team members expressed thanks to the staff and students of the BCC for the professionalism, hospitality and courtesy afforded to its members during the three-day virtual visit. The final official notification of the results was delivered to the BCC Principal, Dr Adrian Wenban DC, via a Zoom call on the 13th of May 2021.

Dr. Adrian Wenban has thanked the ECCE’s Evaluation Team and the members of the QAAC for their hard work in coordinating the virtual site visits, writing their detailed report and for thoroughly evaluating the related findings. He also thanked students, graduates, staff and all supporters for their ongoing support of the BCC. In response to the results Dr. Wenban stated “the BCC, through its innovative bilingual programme located in the heart of one of the Mediterranean region’s iconic cities, is now well positioned to help resolve the chronic supply shortage of chiropractors and thereby improve accessibility to its important philosophy, science, and art.” Silvia Ranz, BCC Academic Director, said “We are very pleased with the outcome and look forward to diligently advancing our work towards fulfilling the vision, mission and aims of the BCC”.