Programme Duration
◦ How long is the curriculum?
It is a five-year program . For the full program go to “modules and credits ”

◦ I have completed high school but not in the form of health sciences , I can access to the BCC ?
There are two ways you can come to study with us without the BS in Health Sciences :
• Introduce an exam ( you would provide the agenda to study )
• Conduct intensive 50-hour course ( 3 hours daily) basic science (biology and chemistry) That Starts at the just before the academic course starts. Given by BCC . The price of this course is 550 €
◦ Can you access the BCC with superior training cycle ?
Whenever your degree allows access to college and fulfill the other requirements , you are guaranteed access to the BCC .

◦ Do you have a scholarship system or payment facilities ?
We currently do not have own scholarships , but many students get scholarships from their governments. Feel free to visit us and we will explain more fully the details of this matter.

◦ I am 35 , is it too late to start these studies?
Not at all . The BCC will find companions of all ages , now ages of the students are between 18 and 55 years .

◦ I see the BCC program is bilingual, my Spanish level is very low, can I follow the classes ?
The mínimum level of Spanish required is A2 ( basic). The BCC accepts: Language certificate of an oficial language school, a BCC language entrance exam that will be completed after a month course.

During the first year of study you can access to the PEI classes in Spanish,  included in the program price. Also think that during that first year offers an simultaneous translation in all classes.

Supports work
◦ There is a high percentage of students who combine their studies with work. However, it is a full-time studies . Contact us for more information .

Credit Transfer
◦ I have physiotherapy studies . Is there any subject that I can go with Credit Transfer ?
In the BCC you will find many students from other health professions ( doctors, physiotherapists , nurses , osteopaths, … ) all of them are candidates for transfer credit for basic science subjects .

◦ What degree is awarded at the end of five years?
The main title is the author of Private Higher Chiropractic awarded by the Barcelona College of Chiropractic.
But even at the end of the fifth year of chiropractic ‘s own master of the Pompeu Fabra is received .
You can also opt to get the title of operator radiological facilities granted by the National Commission of Nuclear Energy.