Vision, Mission and Aims

Our Philosophy

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    At the Barcelona College of Chiropractic, we ascribe to a visión that sees human beings and society developing sustainably through the cultivation and enrichment of the human body, mind and spirit. We believe that educating chiropractors has an integral role to play on bringing that visión to fruition.
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    Our mission is for the Barcelona College of Chiropractic to deliver a programme of study that leads to the graduation of compassionate, bilingual chiropractors commited to the pursuit of personal development and excellence, and capable of intergrating the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic in providing high quality cost-effective chiropractic care.
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    Aims and Objectives

    Our aim is to provide chiropractic students with the educational opportunity to gain the attitudes, knowledge, skills needed to become safe and competent primary contact health care providers capable of practicing either independently or in a collaborative setting.