BCC History

  • History of the Barcelona College of Chiropractic 

  • The Barcelona College of Chiropractic was founded by a small group of just a dozen chiropractors and their families. When the opportunity to open a door on discussions with educational experts and representatives from local universities arose, these people stepped up and confidently strode through that door.

    Against insurmountable odds and with the minimum of resources, this small but tightly knit and highly motivated team set about bringing together the necessary educational, legal, human and financial resources that allowed for the birth of what has become the first accredited college of chiropractic in the Mediterranean region.

    A key early step in moving the project forward was developing a non-profit government registered foundation. This was essential for the development of an appropriate legal framework and entity to represent the BCC before the Catalan and Spanish authorities. As a result, and after much work, the Fundacio Privada Quiropractica (FPQ) was formed and registered with the Catalan Government’s Justice Department in 2007.

    The next important step forward involved developing links with the best of public universities in Spain. The team initiated formal discussions with the Vice Rector of Programme Development at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), Professor Josep Eladi Baños, in 2005 and an initial formal collaborative agreement was signed between the UPF-IDEC and the FPQ in 2009.

    An important part of the complex process of starting a university affiliated and fully accredited college of chiropractic was accessing the necessary financial and human resources. These resources were accrued through the work of the members of six development teams made up of a spirited group of volunteers. In addition, the services of BlueEgg Educational Consultants were employed to develop the programme’s academic and management structure in keeping with the highest of educational and quality assurance standards. From its inception, the project was overseen by two well respected educationalists (Professor Bernard Moxham and Associate Professor Christopher Good) who went on to serve as external examiners to the college during it’s first five years of operation (2009-2015).

    During those early years the educational experts, consultants and development team members took to their work with a passion and enthusiasm that set a course that allowed the college to become what it is today – An accredited and public university affiliated private college of chiropractic overseen by a non-profit government registered foundation (Fundacio Privada Quiropractica – FPQ) with a Board of Governors who work tirelessly in their commitment to a vision, mission and objectives that sees human beings and society developing sustainably through the cultivation and enrichment of the human body, mind and spirit.

    The BCC was established with 3 defining characteristics that it was felt would make the college unique –

    • A modern multi-site campus located within minutes of the heart of one of Europe’s most dynamic, multi-cultural and visited cities – Barcelona.
    • Affiliation, through formal collaborative agreements, with some of Spain’s very best private and public universities.
    • A modern competency-based curriculum aimed towards empowering graduates to inspire people towards the pursuit of health in meeting patient’s needs and exceeding patient’s expectations.

    Today, after almost 10 years, the BCC has grown to currently having over 150 students enrolled and more than 100 graduates practicing in many countries around the world (Spain, Portugal, France, Ireland, Italy, Estonia, Sweden, New Zealand, Belgium, Holland, United Kingdom and Germany).

    It is with great appreciation that we, the present custodians of the BCC, look back and give thanks to all those founders, developers, donors, collaborators, recruiters and supporters of the college. Without their collective contribution of unseen hours of blood, sweet and tears this opportunity to inspire and graduate coming generations of chiropractors would not exist today.

    This brief history has been developed on behalf of, and confirmed by, the below listed individuals.


    BCC Board of Governors Members

    Boyce Kinnison (Chiropractor – Spain)

    Damian Roman (Chiropractor – Spain)

    Scott Corsi (Chiropractor – Holland)

    Bernard Moxham (Immediate past President of International Anatomical Society)

    Melissa Sanford (United Kingdom)

    Marcus Kuhlman (Chiropractor – Germany)

    Joan Jove (Lawyer)

    BCC Board of Governors Advisor Members

    Gerard Rovira (Chiropractor – BCC Graduate – Spain)


    BCC Principal

    Adrian Wenban

    BCC College Manager

    Marc Pastor

    BCC Controller

    David Andreu