BCC Student Chiropractic Centre

  • BCC Student Chiropractic Centre

  • The BCC Student Chiropractic Centre aims to provide chiropractic care to patients with the following objectives:

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    1. To provide chiropractic care to students, conveying the commitment to excellence and life-long learning.

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    2. To provide the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed in order to practice chiropractic safely and competently.

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    3. To provide health care to patients through quality chiropractic care, and through collaboration with other care providers, at a reasonable price.

  • The team at the BCC Student Chiropractic Centre provides quality chiropractic care to patients. During the first two years of the programme of study, students observe and participate in certain aspects of the centre. After passing rigorous clinic-related examinations during the 3rd year of the programme, students are able to start to take care of patients whilst under close supervision. At that stage, all patient care is supervised by well trained personnel. The Chiropractic Centre combines the use advanced imaging technology, analysis and treatment with active involvement of the patient and collaboration with other health care professionals.

    Open times and contact phone:

    BCC Chiropractic Centre is available from

    Monday to Thursday 13.00h-20.30h.

    Weekday mornings we can be contacted by phone if you would like to make or modify appointments related to the above mentioned hours.

    If you would like an appointment please contact us at

    (+34) 93 208 04 19

    The address is as follows –

    Carrer Caponata nº 15-17 08034 (Sarrià – Barcelona)

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