Barcelona, great city to live in. It is ranked among the top 10 places in the world to live for many, many reasons…

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    The sea – Barcelona has beatiful and safe beaches that can be accessed in minutes from the city centre.

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    Nature and surroundings – Enjoy a quite day in one of the many national parks within minutes of the city, or have a ski day in the Pyrenees, visit Dali’s museum in Figueras or spend a day exploring the old Roman city in Tarragona. Multiple possibilities to visit.

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    Climate – The region is blessed with mild weather conditions year round.

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    Health Care Reputation – The city has a world known reputation for providing quality health care and being a central point for cluster research.

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    Sports – It is more tan likely that the city is within easy reach of option for practicing your favourite sports. In particular, most outdoor sports are easy to practice due to the already mentioned mild weather of the región. An endless series of sports events, together with housing one of the world’s best football team (FC Barcelona), make the city an important sporting destination.

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    Art, History, Culture and Entertainment – Barcelona has an incredible historical and cultural heritage that attracts millions of tourists every year. Architecture, international theatre, opera, popular festivals, history and an endless series of art exhibitions mean your every related interest will be deeply satisfied.

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    Way of life – You will love the Mediterranean lifestyle: you can walk everywhere, have an evening drink on an outdoor terrace, and socialise in any of the city’s hundreds of outdoor or beachside bars.

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    Gastronomy –  Catalan cuisine is world known, but it is possible to find many other cuisines.

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    Shopping – From the world’s top brands to Young up-and-coming local designers, Barcelona is the place to explore diverse and creative shopping options.

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    Nightlife – Before going to your favourite club in or around the city centre, you can catch up with friends at one of a multitude of Street side cafes.