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The Barcelona College of Chiropractic (BCC) was born out of the common vision of the members of a small group of chiropractors who wanted to create a chiropractic college in Europe that reflected the values of many practicing chiropractors and which would be underpinned by the belief that body has an amazing self healing and self regulating capacity, which when well supported allows for the expression of optimal human potential.

In just 3 short years this extremely determined group along with the help of many members of the broader chiropractic community raised over 1million€ in donations, which provided the resources for developing and opening the college.

The BCC has now come a long way since opening its doors. From just a small private facility, where classes and administration were run to today where classes and administration are located on the UPF's campus, clinical training takes place at a 1000 square meter state of the art clinical teaching facility and signed agreements with 2 of the very best public universities in Spain.

Despite these great achievements, continued growth in facilities, collaborative agreements, staffing and curricular development all require ongoing additional financial support. However, since opening, in 2009, the college has become increasingly tuition driven. Now is the ideal time to start to help diversify the BCC's financial base away from just being tuition driven and ensure the BCC and our graduates are world class.

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